You've Got Mail

Inbox Date: 5.12.17
You're invited: 20% OFF. (Fwd to mom!)
Pre-header: Mother's Day done right.

A timeless tool for having your email stick out in an overcrowded inbox, especially during a heavy holiday push, is animation.  Anthropologie consistently delivers on-brand messaging that's a feast of color for the eyes and their Mother's Day message was no exception. This simple craft paper animation that turns WOW into MOM offers a punch for this offer message.

You've Got Mail

Inbox Date: 4.27.17
Subject: ALERT: HUGE events are happening at your store + online
Pre-header: 25% of storewide + 20% off sitewide

As retail email marketers, there is often a need to balance e-commerce offers with store offers. And with mall traffic being down, you'll begin to see even more of these messages in your email box with more lucrative savings in-store, particularly closer to the end of the week when people are making their weekend plans.

west elm does a really nice job with balancing multiple offers while still keeping the flow of the design with usage of typography, color and photo. And if you're still reading after all of those offers, they utilize an abandoned search/cart custom footer.